The explosion at the head of the Albanian Football Federation (AFF) house was set by a relative, investigation says

The explosion at the head of the Albanian Football Federation (AFF) house was

Arlen Hasanaj, a 34 years old man, was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of being the perpetrator who planted the explosive at Armando Duka’s house.

Arlen Hasanaj turns out to be a cousin and a person close to Krenar Hasanaj, who served as an administrator in the company “Kantina 'Gjergj Kastriot Skënderbeu,” owned by the Koka family in Durrës, connected to Armando Duka’s family. Apart from being the company’s administrator owned by brothers Lefter and Nar Koka, Krenar Hasanaj has also been a company shareholder in different periods. Investigators suspect that there have been conflicts between Armand Duka and the Koka brothers in recent years, even though they have a family relationship. According to investigators, Arlen Hasanaj may have been used to send a “message.”

The investigators are also investigating that the explosive attack on Duka’s house was staged by the President of the Albanian Football Federation purposely to divert attention from the latest news about scandals in the direction of the AFF.

The police announced on Tuesday that they had communicated the arrest to Arlen Hasanaj for the criminal offenses "Destruction of property with explosives" and "Illegal possession and production of weapons, explosive weapons, and ammunition."

Furthermore, the 34-year-old Arlen Hasanaj is also the owner of the private business “Euroshop Durrës” in the coastal city of Durrës. The company operates in the bar-coffee market and has activities in producing and storing livestock and agricultural food products.

The first suspicions demonstrate that the explosive attack came from a business conflict when the tax inspectors conducted a thorough control in the premises of “Aiba” company two days ago. “Aiba" is owned by the head of AFF Armand Duka and his brother MP, Agron Duka. The latter said that there was a dissatisfied client, which investigators think is Arlen Hasanaj, who also owns a shop only 500 meters away from Duka's house in Durrës, exactly where the explosive was placed on Monday night.

Armando Duka made the headlines recently due to his attempt to manipulate the elections for a sixth term as the President of the Albanian Football Federation.

Source: Tema