Za-Mira, or the right voice of this December

Za-Mira, or the right voice of this December

Zamira Kita was a voice I was looking for for December.

First of all she is one of the best actresses we have. But you know I want to find the human in the character and not the character in the human and in this episode, Zamira Kita makes us reflect on the importance of being human above all.

I have always known that life has not been easy, but in the podcast I realized that it is not the dramas of life, the difficulties that turn it into a black and white picture. A small sorrow inside each one of us was very important, which makes a difference and makes life bearable, affordable and especially joyful.

With a sincerity that I rarely find in people, Zamira Kita comes to this episode with all her arsenal. I dare say like never before.

From abortion to 30s, to fighting for the love of her life Ben and to the best phase (as she calls it) that is the last 16 years.
What has happened to him these years? Besides the family, Ben and Enira, someone helped him and taught him to love Zamira as well.

At last!

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