Volare or volleyball with life

Volare or volleyball with life

Alketa Doçi came with a simplicity and gratitude that impressed me from the first meeting with her, at the "Marriott" cafe.

But in the podcast, everyone will notice, even those who didn't catch the time of her brilliance as a volleyball star, in the late 80s.

33 years later, Alketa suddenly decides to come to Albania, this time not as usual on vacation, but to stay.

Her life had become very quiet in France, where she has a house, a husband and two sons who are now men, one 23 and the other 18.

Many women can feel like Alketa in their 50s, maybe even earlier, but not all of them have the courage. That awareness of loving and valuing yourself. The courage to fly from time to time with life. "Volej" comes from the word volare - to fly. And Alketa Doçi had this talent since she was 16 years old, while flying on the field. But in the podcast you will discover that even in life...

I remembered that she had held the ball by herself, like in volleyball, when in France or Greece they had tried to leave it in a corner, and the same in life.

I hope you enjoy this episode of the HelloPodcast!

Volare or volleyball with life

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