A family like ours

Episodi i Genc dhe Arbër Salihut

A family like ours

Genc Salihu and Arbër Salihu appear in this episode, both as brothers. The reason was Arbri's victory at the RTK Song Festival, a historic moment for Kosovo, which now has its own festival.

As a teenager of the 90s, I have nostalgia for our RTSH Festival, where the last days of December were a moment of glamor and fun. I always looked forward to the festival and never went to sleep without watching it till the end. I also liked to see the singers who came from Kosovo and besides the good music, I adored their clothes.

To return to the episode, Arbri was the trigger, but I decided to talk to a family of artists. One was even missing, brother three, but he is (as Genci said) enjoying himself in America. In this episode of ZemeMiraPodcast you will hear about rap and hip hop, about turbo folk and brutal music, but what attracted me the most and I don't know about the followers, because I have to wait for their comments, was the Salihu family.

What ratios and balance, and as much love and irony! I didn't mean to, but this episode turned into the beautiful family podcast.

Better follow yourself 🙂

A family like ours

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