My (not so) American dream

Historia e Aida Bicaj në New York

My (not so) American dream

Aida Bicaj fled from Pristina to New York in 1991, 27 years old then.

A very young mother, divorced, probably the second in Pristina at that time, the girl who caught the eye on the tour in terms of style, faced a period where all her friends left her. Only the parents never abandoned him. Even her desire to succeed. Perhaps more than that, a kind of substance in her personality that is about persistence.

In this episode of ZųMiraPodcast Aida Bicaj, 59 years old, tells her life today in New York, but also the history with the capital of the world. From the days with $10 in my pocket to now running two Skin Care salons in the most famous areas of Manhattan, playing tennis with American friends and living in the cream of New York, in a house in an area that feels like living in the forest.

She speaks with a disarming sincerity that seems to have been shaped more by life experience and years.

"I wish I had this mindset when I was 30," she says.

In this podcast, women and girls will have the opportunity to hear some tips about skin and what is called elegance today. There is a way to look rich and it's not what you see on Instagram everywhere. Follow Aida!

My (not so) American dream

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