I was prejudiced all my life, but I became a CEO

I was prejudiced all my life, but I became a CEO

Greta Bajrami fled Albania at the age of 10. Directly from Tirana to Boston. On the second day in America, he heard in a cafe, in Dunkin' Donuts, Albanian, and pulled his mother's hand. "I'm Albanian", and it was missed.

Later, he didn't have much time to think, because life had big surprises for him. 17 years old reads the test and sees that she is pregnant with Freddy, the friend from Ecuador. At home, at school, there was chaos.

She was excellent at school. They offered to give birth to him and give him up for adoption. Her mother, a surgeon by profession in Albania, supported her, but even Freddy, who is now her husband and they have a son named Enzo, did not let go of her hand.

Today, Greta is the CEO of a construction company. Builds roofs, facades and installs solar panels. She became rich and won awards as an entrepreneur with one distinguishing feature: She was one of the first to enter a male-dominated profession.

Now he has other ideas and his brain works fast. And yet, in this podcast, she feels that the pain of prejudice and distrust has hurt her, but she has found the remedy, becoming someone in life! Is this not the right answer? Follow her ordeal, with the good and the bad inside, and share it with this Albanian woman, whose story is like an "open canvas".

I was prejudiced all my life, but I became a CEO

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