Angela, the girl who fights hackers

Angela, the girl who fights hackers

How little we know about technology even though we talk all day about it and through it…

I realized this in the first 10 minutes after the YouTube channel was hacked

As I was listening on the phone, Questions, Security level, back ups, that blew my mind.

I'm still in the password era, I don't even remember three quarters of them. Although today I am a journalist thanks to technology. Without YouTube there would be no ZzeMiraPodcast.

Many have asked me, am I too bored? Bohh, maybe I didn't have time to get upset, because in a crisis I'm not the type to look for blame, but I just want a solution.
But I still say that I did not overdo it with panic.

It's self therapy, or I really believe it, but it's not the end of the world to lose a job, a YouTube channel, lose some money, or a chance. Even though it hurts, sweat beat it.

Today I believe that if you have the mind and the will and especially the health, you can do everything you have done once.

I told this on the first date, to the man I instinctively called to help me get my YouTube channel back. Because let's face it, I don't think things are solved by just positive thinking, that's a bit of a stretch.

I had to do my best to recover a channel that is not just mine, but now belongs to the followers who have written to me in 12 days and today I want to introduce you to Anxhela Faber!

The guest of this podcast.

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