OriginAL - The program that connects the youth of the diaspora with their Albanian roots

OriginAL - The program that connects the youth of the diaspora with their

"Man without knowledge of his past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots." ~Marcus Garvey

The second and third generations of the diaspora are naturally exposed to different cultures in the resident countries and as a result to the fusion of identity elements in the integration processes. The numbered days they spend in their countries of origin - mainly within family circles - prevent them from knowing and experiencing the country of origin in all possible senses.

The dynamics of migration among Albanians have caused parents to have difficulties in transmitting patriotism to their offspring. Recognition and engagement with/for the country of origin and the cultivation of the Albanian identity continue to remain in the individual and voluntary will of Albanians all over the world.

Based on these, Germin and the Global Albanian Foundation have launched the OriginAL program (Origin - AL / Albanian origin). OriginAL aims to offer the youth of the diaspora an extraordinary opportunity to know their Albanian roots.

The program is modeled on the Israeli model - Taglit - Birthright Israel, which has inspired other similar initiatives such as Birthright Africa, Reconnect Hungary, Birthright Armenia, etc.

OriginAL started as an ambitious initiative in 2021 and within a record time managed to raise about 100 thousand dollars (mainly online donations from the Albanian diaspora). From these raised funds, 40 young people of the diaspora from 15 different countries for the first time became part of the OriginAL program, to experience and discover Albania and Kosovo for two weeks, through numerous visits and activities in both countries. .

On the last day of the program, the participants, answering the question (part of the survey carried out by the organizers) about how much their knowledge of Albanian history and culture has expanded: 92 percent said that 'From OriginAL they feel much more connected to Albanian roots'.

They want to give this experience to hundreds and thousands of other young people of the diaspora. OriginAL aims to help young people born or raised in the diaspora to rediscover the land of their ancestors - but, through this journey, to also discover themselves in their origins.

To make such a thing possible, the platform of the CREDINS bank has opened the campaign for all donors who want to join this initiative. OriginAL aims to provide this trip to 100 young people of the diaspora during 2023.

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