These kids are making millions on YouTube

These kids are making millions on YouTube

Vlad, Niki, Diana and Nastya party on yachts, ride Ferraris and travel the world. Their audience is massive and so are their profits.

Children are stars of three YouTube channels: "Vlad and Niki", "Like Nastya" and "Kids Diana Show". They are the three most popular live-action children's YouTube channels in the world, with nearly 300 million YouTube subscribers.

Now they're expanding into everything from streaming TV shows to licensing deals, all worth tens of millions of dollars.

"These kids who came out of nowhere have more influence than Mickey Mouse," says Eyal Baumel, a senior YouTube personality strategist.

On all three channels, videos play like live-action cartoons. Children dress up as superheroes, crawl on giant vegetables and drive around in toy cars. Their mom and dad are helpers.

"The kids think Vlad and Niki are their friends," their mother, Victoria Vashketov, says of her children, who are 9 and 7, respectively.