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How to cleanse the body and lose weight for the summer

How to cleanse the body and lose weight for the summer

Spring, summer, autumn, winter: a diet for every season. And because the hottest month of the year is approaching, the time has come to know all the benefits and characteristics of a diet specially designed for high temperatures.

The summer diet is a useful food regimen to keep the body well hydrated and allows you to lose weight without stress and in a healthy way.

When you think of summer, the first thing that comes to mind is undoubtedly the heat, the feeling of heaviness that comes from the high temperatures and the little desire to eat. But not only. Because summer is also synonymous with healthy food and the great desire for freshness.

We are talking about fruits and vegetables, foods rich in fiber, mineral salts and water, as well as many useful vitamins for the proper functioning of our body. Among them, it is definitely better to prefer the seasonal ones and, if the goal is to discharge excess fluids and deflate the body, the ones that act more in this sense are:


But also:

green beans;

In addition to parsley, basil, rosemary and sage can also be used as a salt substitute. All to be consumed in five daily portions.

But be careful, because for a truly effective summer diet there are other foods that should never be missing from the table including:

cereals and derivatives, to be consumed in about 3-5 portions per day, preferably integral ones.
animal and vegetable proteins such as legumes and lean meat (chicken, turkey, fish, eggs)
low-fat dairy products (always in moderation) such as fresh cheeses, yogurt, ricotta, first salt.