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How many months of the year do we spend on the phone?

How many months of the year do we spend on the phone?

We spend 349 minutes in front of the phone every day, 41 hours a week, 7 days a month, 12 weeks a year, or otherwise 3 months a year.

Then, considering the number of times the phone is unlocked, which for Gen Z is approximately 79 times a day, and assuming that an individual sleeps an average of 7 hours, approximately every 12 minutes we turn our attention to the phone screen.

Therefore, one third of the time we spend awake, we spend in front of the phone. Sad or not?

"It's a real exercise in inattention. When we're not online, we think about what happens online, and our offline life has moved in the meantime and become a branch of what happens online," warns Mark Morbe, psychotherapist expert in technology addictions.

Most of the time is spent scrolling, i.e. navigating the walls of Facebook, Instagram or TikTok to see what will come out the most.

But is it worth disconnecting from real life, from family, friends, yourself, your goals, 3 months a year?

Ask yourself this question every time you touch your phone!