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Why does your cell phone hate winter?

Why does your cell phone hate winter?

Everything our phones do is truly amazing. But there's one thing they can't do well: withstand cold weather. Phones and cold weather just don't go well.

Cold temperatures can completely drain battery life and cause the phone to shut down altogether. Most cell phones use lithium batteries. A chemical reaction inside the battery sends charged particles throughout the phone's circuit, and that's what keeps it powered up. Cold temperatures slow this reaction, the charged particles encounter greater resistance, and as they stagnate, battery life decreases.

Scientists don't fully understand the balance of chemicals required to keep your phone powered up, which is why it sometimes feels like your phone's battery percentage indicator is lying to us.

When exposed to cold air, the phone may say it has 50 percent battery, while after a minute, it turns off completely.

Cold weather can also affect other parts of the phone, the screen can become cloudy, the sensors inside it can lose accuracy, because they are calibrated to work at a certain temperature limit.

So be careful, don't leave your phone in the car at night when it's cold, because without realizing it, it can become useless.

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