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You're doing the holidays wrong! Here's what you need for total relaxation

You're doing the holidays wrong! Here's what you need for total

Traveling can do wonders for your well-being. Keeping a few tips in mind will help you reap its benefits better.

Here's what the experts recommend:

Take some short trips

Because the positive effects of travel wear off about a month after you return home, Laurence Chan, instructor of medical psychology, says taking a few short trips can be better than taking a long trip.

Delete or temporarily disable apps

It's hard, but put your phone away as much as possible—and consider deleting your work email app or social media apps. A 2016 study linked spending less time on the phone with a more relaxing vacation.

Drop the camera

While it may be tempting to take pictures throughout your trip, consider leaving your camera or phone in your bag every now and then and just enjoy the moment.

Work more before the holidays

Try to get some extra work done before you leave for your trip. If you don't, you risk feeling more overwhelmed when you get home.

Shorten your trip by one day

Although you may dream of spending 10 days sunbathing and swimming in the sea, nine would be better because you'll have a day of rest and recovery between your vacation and returning to work or school.

Go for a walk or swim

A study found that when people exercised on vacation they had improved sleep, heart rate and well-being.

Choose a sunny location

Regular exposure to sunlight has countless benefits for physical and mental health. It can improve sleep, strengthen the immune system, release mood-boosting serotonin, increase vitamin D stores, and lower blood pressure.

Choose your travel companions well

You might think that traveling with anyone would be fun – vacations are vacations, right? Wrong. A study found that who we travel with greatly affects how much we enjoy traveling.

Pack with compression domes

The packaging is personal. Some people carefully plan their outfits, while others throw a bunch of items into their suitcase and figure it out later. Regardless of your style, experts recommend using compression packing cubes to condense your items and serve as portable drawers, keeping you organized while you're away.