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Successful people do these 3 things on Sunday for a happier, stress-free week

Successful people do these 3 things on Sunday for a happier, stress-free week

We're all familiar with the dread that comes as Sunday draws to a close - even after a relaxing weekend, you start to feel anxious and stressed about the work or responsibilities you have to face come Monday morning.

"Our minds tend to fight against tasks that are unclear, stressful, or boring, so naturally we want to push ourselves to think about work as long as possible," says productivity expert Chris Bailey. "But procrastination can create more unnecessary stress."

There's no magic cure for Sunday Fears, but these three strategies, recommended by Bailey, may help:

Set goals for the week

The secret to beating Sunday fears is creating a plan for the week ahead, as Bailey says that, for most of us, dealing with uncertainty causes stress and anxiety.

His favorite technique to calm down in the coming week is the “rule of threes”: list three goals you want to achieve, either at work or in your personal life. Setting such goals allows you to "think about how you want to focus your time, attention, and energy," Bailey explains.

Create a to-do list and a list of accomplishments

Sunday scares can often cause self-doubt and self-loathing, but this is counterproductive – the antidote to such feelings, instead, is to reflect on your accomplishments and organize your thoughts.

Find a self-care ritual

Practicing self-care can help us cope with turbulent times or ease feelings of anxiety – Bailey lists journaling, calling a friend, practicing meditation or spending time with uplifting people as great examples of self-care for myself.