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More Self Love! Experts talk about reducing damage to health

More Self Love! Experts talk about reducing damage to health

In support of building a healthy and self-responsible society, the KREO organization, which also focuses on social awareness, has organized a discussion table with the topic: "More Self-Love - Is it possible to create a new Mentality" of Welfare in Albania".

Professional doctors, dentists, nutritionists, physiotherapists, pharmacists and other specialists from various health fields under the moderation of journalist Isli Islami gathered to discuss how they can influence the creation of a new mentality of well-being in Albania.

The purpose of the meeting was to raise awareness for a healthier lifestyle and reduce the damage to citizens' health and daily life. Health experts, sharing their knowledge and experiences, focused on finding possible ways to improve and promote well-being in the community.

An important aspect of the discussion was the impact of lifestyle on overall health. Nutritionists emphasized the importance of a balanced and healthy diet, mentioning that the change of some simple food habits but also of consumption such as coffee, traditional tobacco, ready-made (packaged) foods, etc. and the care towards them can have an impact great in the physical and mental well-being of individuals.

In terms of Physiotherapy, appropriate practices and exercises were presented to maintain muscle and bone health, while in terms of dentistry, the importance of oral hygiene and the prevention of various dental problems were discussed.

Next, the role of pharmacists in educating patients about medication use and safe ways to manage health care was also examined. An equally important role during the meeting was to keep the body in shape through physical exercises at home, outdoors but also in the gym, crossfit, pilates, etc.

The proposals and ideas presented by the expert panel focused on the need for continuous education for the public, increasing awareness of the importance of prevention and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In the following, Tirana Post will exclusively bring a series of articles supporting the "More Self-Love" initiative, bringing to the public special advice from experts on health care in all its aspects.