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Who showers more in Europe?

Who showers more in Europe?

A study published by The Global Index shows that Italians are the cleanest in all of Europe (more than 95% of the population shower every day), followed by the Portuguese (between 85 and 94% do so) and the Spanish and Greeks (75-84%).

While globally, according to a survey published a few years ago by Euromonitor, Brazilians are the cleanest on the planet, showering on average up to 12 times a week. Colombians and Australians follow closely behind with 10 and eight showers per person per week.

Recently, the debate over whether or not bathing every day is necessary has made headlines thanks to some of Hollywood's most influential voices. After Jake Gyllenhaal told Vanity Fair magazine that he increasingly finds bathing "less necessary," many other celebrities came out in defense of intermittent personal hygiene. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have stated that they only clean their children when they "can see the dirt on them", and in 2008 Charlize Theron confessed that she can go a week without doing it. Meanwhile, Brad Pitt revealed while filming Inglourious Basterds that he uses baby wipes as a shower replacement, and Cameron Diaz, Matthieu McNaughey, Julia Roberts and Leonardo DiCaprio have publicly spoken out against using deodorant.

Experts insist that there is really no reason to avoid showering. “Taking a shower every day is not only not bad; recommended", explains dermatologist Mayte Truchuelo.

"It's especially important for people who have physical jobs or who exercise regularly, or to remove traces of sweat, chlorine, sand, salty residue or sunscreen in the summer." According to the expert, a daily shower keeps the skin clean, removes dead cells and prevents the accumulation of bacteria and agents that are potentially harmful to health.