Horoscope for April 1st by Russell Grant

Horoscope for April 1st by Russell Grant


Group activities and friendships should provide you with an above-average percentage of relaxation. Love is in the air and with you feeling so positive and inspired, others are naturally drawn to you. If you're single and looking for love, you won't need a love potion to attract romantic attention.


Agreements made previously with a friend or colleague will go wrong. Others have been enthusiastic and energetic, but you are feeling the opposite and therefore will not do anything to make things right. A partner will save the ruined plans by suggesting something much more fun and enjoyable.


Someone close will ask you to organize a party if you haven't already. Making a last-minute plan can land you in a far-flung exotic location with little time to pack. This is what you need in these moments.

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As social events and activities are on the rise, so too will your finances show strain. You may need to manage your weekly expenses in order to cover new and unexpected financial demands. Ignore the temptation to rush. You have done well so far. Don't spoil it.


Make time for the people who are important to you. If you feel a relationship is going off track, the sooner you sit down and talk about it, the better. A heart-to-heart talk will be revealing and will bring you closer to each other again.


A desire for variety and a desire for change will take you to places you don't often visit. You won't have to worry about planning ahead or getting organized. For once you'll enjoy just hanging out with a few close friends and just accepting whatever comes your way.


You don't worry about not having much money if you have family and friends who love and support you. You appreciate the good things in your life and want people to know how grateful you are for their kindness. Knowing that you have friends who truly care makes your life so much brighter.


There are times when your energy can lead you to distraction. You're doing your best to ignore it, which is great if you have some travel plans for the near future. If there is nothing else but the scheduled routine for the next few days. You will start to feel more suffocated, sicker and more desperate for a change.


You are running out of energy. Overworking is affecting your health. Your boss won't be happy, but you can take a few days off. Even so, you won't let them down, and you know there are things you can't avoid doing.


When others are rushing madly trying to deal with an emergency, you will remain calm. This will put you at a slight advantage over others. Your ability to silently analyze everything that is happening will help you find solutions faster.


Ideally you would like the freedom to make your own choices. It's not like you're making any big changes. You just want to follow your passion and that means spending more time away from others, doing the things you love.


Discussions with an older relative will make you think about a new approach to life. Don't be surprised if you feel the need to right the wrongs of the past, sort out any recent misunderstandings, and basically start over with a clean slate. A personal success will increase your confidence and poise.