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Did you know that eye color changes throughout life?

Did you know that eye color changes throughout life?

Eye color changes over the years, just like hair.

A wide range of external influences can change it, from injuries to infections and sun damage. And sometimes the change seems to happen spontaneously, even without being noticed.

A study was also done with some babies, studying them from the moment of birth to the age of two. The color of the eyes is more likely to change, especially in those who have a light color, i.e. sky blue and blue. But why?

It is more common for light eyes to darken in early childhood, but sometimes dark eyes can become lighter.

The tendency toward darkening may be due to the accumulation of a protective pigment in the iris.

In another US study, which tracked more than 1,300 twins from infancy to adulthood, eye color usually stopped changing by age six, although in some cases (10-20% of subjects studied), it continued to change through adolescence and into adulthood.

Studies to find the real reasons are lacking, but currently it is thought that the cause is also genetic. So some people are more predisposed than others to change color throughout their life.

Changes in eye color seem to be more common among people of Northern European, Pacific Islander or mixed race heritage.