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7 fights that herald a breakup

7 fights that herald a breakup

No two divisions are alike. However, there are some signs that tie all the divisions together. It's those warning fights like alarm bells.

Fight: I think I have a roommate

If he, or she manages to say this sentence, the big break can come quickly. A relationship cannot be sustained by party sex alone.

Fight: We should never have gotten together

Couples usually return with nostalgia to the past, to the beginnings of the relationship. If these positive memories begin to fade and give way to negative ones, then it is a bad sign.

Fight: I'm sorry you feel that way

If after a fight you say this sentence, this apology is not really an apology. It is a derogatory term that should not be used between partners.

Fight: You always have this job. Or: You never do this...

In no fight is it appropriate to make generalizations. The words "always" or "never" show that it has come to the tip of his nose.

Fighting: Why do you leave every time we fight

If leaving has become a vice, wrong! It won't be long between you.

Fight: I have all the burden of the house

If you leave the dishes dirty, the clothes piled, the floor unwashed and the toilet horrible, and she or he has to do all the chores, you won't be together for long.

Fighting: I don't have the nerve to fight anymore

As paradoxical as it seems, it is so true. Where there is no conflict, there are unresolved problems.