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5 types of men to avoid

5 types of men to avoid

First dates can be very nice and he may seem like the partner you always dreamed of as he is kind, gives gifts, takes you to fantastic places.

Then, something happens that makes you realize that not only is it not right for you. In order not to invest in a relationship with someone who is not for you, read about the most difficult types of men to avoid.

1. The sworn bachelor

He knows how to behave, is smart, attractive, successful and many, many other things that attract you. But every time you ask him why, he just says: "I haven't found the right one yet."

He may make you believe that you are the one, but if no one has ever been right for him, you most likely won't be either. If a man is over 50 and has never married, he probably never will.

2. The one who has no problem with marriages

It's about the guy who can get married 2,3,5 times simply because he gets bored easily. This man may break up with you as soon as he feels that the romance has faded.

3. The one with Peter Pan syndrome

A 30 year old with the logic of a teenager, or even worse, a child.

You can have a great dinner, party or trip with him, but he won't understand you if you're going through a difficult situation and he doesn't like to take responsibility.

4. Mama's boy

There is nothing like that. As long as he doesn't mess things up, he knows how to maintain balance. He can be sweet, understanding and very affectionate with you. But if you are in a threesome relationship, since you ask mom for everything, then the situation becomes a bit problematic.

5. Controller

At first you feel safe and warm with him, but then you start to feel 'suffocated' because everything is done as he wants.

He tries to decide how you spend your free time or what you will wear when you go out. Doubt everyone and what you want to do.