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5 beauty myths that you have believed in vain until now

5 beauty myths that you have believed in vain until now

According to a study, a woman spends an average of $244,000 on beauty products in her lifetime. So most likely a good part of your wealth goes to creams that cover eye circles, perfume, expensive bottles of shampoo or clothes.

Myths about beauty have accompanied us every day of our lives and we try to adapt to them as much as possible, but how true are the ones we have believed so far?

1. Black makes you look thinner

In fact it is the opposite. It makes you look bigger than you actually are. Also draw attention by making them think you're trying to hide something, since black is actually a light color. Optical illusion does not help you at all in the light, so monochromatic clothing would be good if you start reducing them.

2. SPF cream with a higher protection factor helps you more

Just because the sunscreen says SPF 30 doesn't mean the protection will last 10 hours. Actually the protective factors don't matter at all, what you need to do is reapply every two hours.

3. Do not touch the acne

You've heard that if you deal with acne, you'll get new ones. In fact, you should know that if you tease them in moderation, you can bring benefits to the skin, but you need to know which ones to squeeze and when.

Always use a sterile gauze pad after the procedure to avoid any possible infection.

4. Daily hair washing is harmful

In fact there are only benefits and it is a healthy process. It all depends on your hair type and your daily activity. What needs attention is the shampoo and its ingredients.

5. You can remove dark circles

Unfortunately not much can be done to prevent pigmentation under the eyes. It takes full hours of sleep and a healthy lifestyle to reduce them, but it must be done systematically