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15 signs that your man is a beta and not an alpha. What does this mean for the relationship?

15 signs that your man is a beta and not an alpha. What does this mean for the

When it comes to what women want from men, the list can be extensive. Women want him to be strong but sensitive, manly as long as he's not toxic.

What is a beta male?

Beta males are usually stereotyped as introverts or "goofs" with a tendency to be shy or awkward. While these assumptions may be true, beta males can also be sweet, kind, and trustworthy. Beta males are seen as the "Nice Guy", hate conflict and are careful not to get into any arguments. They can be helpful and touchy, making them ideal to have in your life.

15 Traits of the Beta Male:

1. He is a stalker

If you're looking for someone to take the reins, the beta male is not for you. His preference is to sit in the back seat and let others drive.

2. He is super nice

One of the best traits of a beta male is his good nature. He is willing to help anyone in need and is always telling other people stories. He can also be very kind, allowing others to perceive his kindness as weakness.

3. He lacks independence

Beta males are very dependent on their partners or other people in their lives. Because beta males are insecure, they constantly rely on others

4. He is not confrontational

Where an alpha might welcome a healthy debate, betas have no interest in arguing. He's okay with resigning if it means keeping his peace.

5. He is passive

Beta males do not spend time engaging in passive aggressiveness or direct aggression. A beta male is not condescending or sarcastic and likes people who are quiet and withdrawn.

6. He is responsible

If you want someone very decent get a beta male. He is action-oriented, knows how to take care of his business and keeps his personal and professional affairs in order.

7. He is not competitive

A man with a beta personality type will not be threatened by your success. He wants you to feel comfortable, accepted and supported.

8. He is someone you can trust

A beta is one of those men you can trust with your heart. He understands your struggles and weaknesses and will never use them against you. He sees beauty in your imperfections.

9. He is not insecure

Because betas have no desire to be "the man" or compete with anyone, they are confident in who they are. He is happy with the positive and negative aspects of himself and does not worry about what anyone else thinks of him.

10. He is respectful

Respect is something that every person should show to others. Beta males don't suffer for lack of respect; he does not need to exercise his dominance over others.

11. He's a 'yes' man

Knowing when to say "no" is just as important as being likable. In an effort to be nice, he can become overly nice and people will take advantage.

12. He has no problem communicating

Beta males value conversation and are honest when communicating. He pays attention to what you say and is clear and concise to avoid any misunderstandings.

13. He needs to be alone sometimes

Time alone is of the essence for a beta human. He doesn't mind having a good time or working with others, but he has to balance that with his personal time.

14. He is calm

Betas should not be the center of attention. He prefers to be reserved. Because of this, beta males are introverts who spend time processing their thoughts and emotions before acting.

15. He is extremely loyal

Not only are betas honest and trustworthy, but you can count on them. He won't create drama and appreciates your love and concern for him, so he is intentional in his commitment to you.