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10 things you should definitely take in your holiday suitcase

10 things you should definitely take in your holiday suitcase

Here are ten essentials to pack in your holiday bag to make sure you're ready for anything without getting too tired.

1. Comfortable shoes: Whether you're exploring city streets or hiking in nature, good shoes are a must. Consider your destination and pack shoes that will keep you comfortable. For most trips, a pair of sneakers and sandals will suffice.

2. Versatile clothing options: Choose outfits that can be combined. Include a light jacket or sweater, which may be needed for changing weather conditions.

3. Small bag for essentials: Put your facial products and other essentials. Don't forget sunscreen and any medications you may need.

4. Chargers and power banks: Make sure you have all the necessary chargers for devices like smartphones, cameras and tablets. A portable power bank can be a lifesaver on long travel days when power outlets are scarce.

5. Health and safety items: Pack a small first aid kit, hand sanitizer and masks if required. Depending on your destination, you may also want to include bug spray and a water purifier.

6. Entertainment: Long flights or train journeys can be boring without something to keep you entertained. Pick up a book, download podcasts, or make sure your devices have enough movies downloaded.

7. Snacks: Choose foods that are non-perishable and easy to pack, such as nuts, dried fruits.

8. Travel documents and money: Keep your passport, IDs, travel insurance details and itineraries in one place.

9. Day Pack: A lightweight, collapsible backpack can be essential for day trips. This allows you to carry essentials like water, food and extra clothing without being weighed down.

10. Camera or phone with a good camera: Capture memories without relying solely on your phone's camera. If photography is a hobby, consider bringing a better camera, but make sure it's a camera you're comfortable with.