Veliaj hosts Tirana's volleyball team: Teamwork brings only victory

Veliaj hosts Tirana's volleyball team: Teamwork brings only victory

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj hosted the KS Tirana men's volleyball team, who won the Albanian Cup for the 2022-2023 season. This cup gives the right to represent Tirana in the European Volleyball Cups. Mayor Veliaj said that he is proud that the KS Tirana men's volleyball team is the best in Albania.

"No one makes a team, if there was no will to make a team. All it takes is one of the guys here to be uncooperative and the team chemistry breaks down. The fact that the team is created when everyone gives a little of themselves, for the common good, is truly a success story. It is an extraordinary pride to be the best in Albania! I firmly believe that we will have a dignified performance. What really warms my heart is that we are finally not thinking like that May butterfly that only lives for 1 day. Here we have to think about tomorrow and the fact that the chain teams are also good, and the fact that we are recruiting talent from the chain teams, means that we have finally built a strategy", said Veliaj.

Veliaj invited parents to engage their children in sports activities, because this is the only way to learn teamwork.

"For all parents, when they ask me where to register their children, I tell them in a sport that is played in a team, where one learns that one cannot win alone, but even when one loses one is comforted more easily when one shares it with others. Life is not only victory, life also has losses. But when you are part of a team, your character is formed faster. Therefore, the invitation to all parents is: we must turn the cause of the European City of Sports into a way to register children in sports activities, where more than measuring your athletic parameters - obviously who are the best, bujrum in elite teams - it should be a way to build Tirana's sacks and sacks tomorrow. If you look, even in my trade, those who are more black, those who are more picky, more obtrusive, have one thing in common, they have never played sports", said Veliaj.