Bob Saget's Wife: The Bitter Truth of Being a Widow That No One Talks About

Bob Saget's Wife: The Bitter Truth of Being a Widow That No One Talks About

Earlier this week, Kelly Rizzo, the widow of late comedian Bob Saget, hit back at criticism of her private life.

Saget died in January 2022 from an accidental head injury, and in February of this year, Rizzo revealed that she is dating 'Clueless' actor Breckin Meyer. She said that she also has the blessing of the girls for this relationship.

"I'll start by saying if you're not a widow or widower, you have absolutely no right to comment on this because you don't know what it's like. You simply cannot understand the extremely complex, difficult and dynamic thoughts and feelings that arise throughout this process. At some point, when you think about starting dating again, just having those thoughts makes you feel guilty," she said.

Among the comments, there are those who say that the new recognition came very quickly.

According to her, when you are a woman who has lost her husband and you are trying to recreate a relationship, you are judged a lot. But when you are a man and do the same, your choice is sympathized by others.

And when is the right time?

Experts say that there really is no right time for dating after losing a partner; the readiness factor varies considerably from person to person.

But the old idea that a widow should observe a period of official mourning still holds.

One might say: Oh, I would never get to know someone so quickly after losing my spouse. In reality, no one knows how they would react in such situations.

Modern day widows still face the old expectations.