Hundreds of children are being hospitalized from 'vapes'. Doctors want to disappear from the market

Hundreds of children are being hospitalized from 'vapes'. Doctors want

Various doctors have admitted that children are being hospitalized en masse with breathing problems and the cause is the heat. They call for these cigarettes to eventually disappear from the market.

These cigarettes contain high doses of nicotine. They are harming children who stay in smoky environments, they are creating addiction and they are harming them from the early stages of their development.

As a result, clinics are dealing with an increasing number of children developing heat-related lung disease.

They cause respiratory problems such as shortness of breath, chest pain, lung inflammation and in severe cases, respiratory failure.

An ever-increasing number of minors who use these disposable cigarettes.

Although vapes are widely accepted as safer than smoking, their long-term effects still remain a mystery.

Doctors in recent months have raised fears that there could be a wave of lung disease, dental problems and even cancer in the coming decades among people who have had the habit from a young age.

The RCPH (The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health) is calling on the Government to ban vapes due to concerns about use in young people.

The RCPCH also noted that they contain an average of 0.15 g of lithium.

The amount of lithium wasted each year is enough to produce about 1,200 electric car batteries.