Veliaj: Tirana today has discipline from the heroic work of uniformed employees

Veliaj: Tirana today has discipline from the heroic work of uniformed employees

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, held a meeting with employees of the Municipal Police, Fire Brigade, IMT, UKT, AMK and other institutions. He attributed the rule established in the capital to them.

"For a municipal police officer, when Summer Day or large activities are organized, the number of incidents increases, just as the volume of work also increases for firefighters, who deserve all our support and gratitude for the heroic work they do. For all those who work and deal with cleaning, it does not matter if it is Saturday, Sunday, Ramadan, Easter, Christmas, or New Year, they must be there, so that Tirana is sparkling. As never before, this city no longer floods and this is all the credit of the boys and girls of Tirana Water and Sewerage. Today we have a city where no one dares to bring back the time of occupation, garbage and vandalism, as happened 8 years ago. "Today, the strongest citizen of Tirana is the one who respects the rules, respects the uniforms, pays taxes and behaves like a worthy citizen of Europe," said Veliaj.

On the other hand, he said that many of these troops are attacked, and for this he gave a piece of advice: "There may be some of you who say to me: 'President, what do we do with those who do not obey?' I say we should support each other. I am the first one here to support you. I'm the first one here to tell you: it doesn't matter which portal imposes fines, it doesn't matter which analyst worries about a fine for parking incorrectly, it doesn't matter which politician says "why did you block my bank account, because I'm 'so-and-so' and my taxes can wait for later, I'm not like everyone else to pay them on time". I say that your duty is to do the job you have undertaken and honor the uniform of the Municipal Police, the Fire Department, the IMT, the Finance Department, the UKT, and the Consumer Protection Agency. This is your duty!”

The Mayor mentioned the government's decision to increase the salary for the City Police and fire department employees. "I am happy that, starting from April 1, the salary increase will begin. This means including the salaries of firefighters, which has been one of the most discriminated communities, given that they were initially at the level of the central government, then went to the level of the municipalities. The same for municipal enterprises. I believe that with the salary increase, we have really brought good news this spring," said Veliaj.