Veliaj starts the information column: Here is the truth of the constructions in Tirana through figures and facts!

Veliaj starts the information column: Here is the truth of the constructions in

From today, the mayor of the Municipality of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, has launched a new column of information and clarification with official facts and figures, on topics that affect the city and have caused debates in the public. In the video message published on social networks, Veliaj says that the column will provide arguments for topics that are debated without complete information and are often treated crookedly, even for small political interests.

As an example, he touched on the debate about construction in Tirana, bringing figures and facts, but also arguments, that this sector is the one that has contributed the most to the Albanian economy. According to him, Tirana grows every year by 20-25 thousand inhabitants and this has led to an increase in the demand for more apartments. He says that Tirana needs to add about 8 thousand apartments every year.

"If the supply of new housing is not increased, then the prices of existing housing would become unaffordable and increase exponentially. 8 thousand apartments, with an average of 100m2 each, including common spaces, stairs and elevators, are about 800 thousand m2 of new construction required by the market every year in Tirana. Then, the conclusion is simple: The number of square meters built in Tirana corresponds proportionally with the number of growth of the inhabitants of Tirana," he pointed out.

Veliaj has also shown how many permits were granted in Tirana and for what purposes:

"From 2016 to 2021, the number of permit procedures granted in total is 1028, i.e. for 5 years, of which only one third are construction permits for buildings from 4 to 12 floors, i.e. buildings. The rest are permits for low buildings, as well as permits for reconstructions, roofs, building demolition, etc. So everything that is considered a permit, not only for buildings, is in these 1028. These approved permits were obtained from 991 different developer entities, which shows that there is a very high diversification of the entities that benefit from these building permits." he said.

Regarding those who say "we were drowned by the towers", Veliaj has a simple answer with numbers. "We hear it being recited endlessly and shamelessly: "They drowned our towers". The simple and very verifiable truth is that there are only 20 buildings with more than 12 floors. And this is FACT!", he says.

The mayor says that the trend of construction growth in Tirana is in line with the trend of Tirana's economic growth - it is a growth that goes side by side with each other - and it is important to trust the science and principles of the free market economy .

"There is demand, but there is also supply. Both should go hand in hand. We cannot put a burden on Tirana for these 20-25 thousand citizens who join us every year. We can't even divide it into natives and newcomers, because it's a racist language from the 90s that shouldn't exist anymore. We want to make this a better city for everyone," he concludes the video message.