Veliaj from Astiri: We built the first kindergarten, now we build schools

Veliaj from Astiri: We built the first kindergarten, now we build schools

The area of ​​Astir was the next stop of the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, following his thanksgiving tour after the victory on May 14. He said that the Socialist Party is grateful to those who voted for it and that the work will continue without distinction in every unit and neighborhood of Tirana.

"My heart is filled with gratitude for each and every one of you. You have noticed, the other side is looking for who is to blame on TV, while we go unit by unit appreciating everyone who contributed and deserves gratitude. That's the big difference! Even when we campaign we are different, even when we give thanks we are different from them. When we were in the campaign, I said that they are like Big Brother, they have a mind on who they will evict from the house! And we say who will enter our house. Now that the campaign is over, we say who we want to thank, while those on television say who we want to curse. They are two different philosophies. Therefore, our strength wins because it works. That's why our strength takes Tirana forward, because we have this mentality," said Veliaj.

The head of the Municipality said that, just like the first kindergarten, which was opened in Astir, where until yesterday the projects were blocked, in this mandate, the investments for educational and road infrastructure will continue.

"Today we are in a situation where we have solved many problems, but we still have a lot to do. We started with the first kindergarten, but we have to continue with the new schools. We have built the highway, we have built the ring, we have built the main axis of "Migjeni" Boulevard, but we have endless pockets to make. The principle is: who does 99 jobs, can do 100 jobs. Therefore, I would like to thank the wonderful citizens who signed a contract on a previously unimaginable scale, giving us a confidence like never before to move Tirana forward. I am very grateful to you and I look forward to doing something in the next 4 years that will completely transform this unit," said the head of the Municipality.

Veliaj also had a message for all those citizens who did not trust the Socialist Party: "We will serve everyone equally, even though we won 55%, we will serve 100% of all residents," Veliaj concluded. his during the meeting with the inhabitants of Astir.