Veliaj: We have built 40 new schools in Tirana, we are opening 12 this school year! End of lesson with two shifts

Veliaj: We have built 40 new schools in Tirana, we are opening 12 this school

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, today wished Hashura Day to all the Bektashi believers after a visit to the headquarters of the Bektashi World Supreme Court. After that, in an appearance for the media, Veliaj stated that this month, the municipality is working on closing the last details in 12 new schools, which will be opened in September, ending the two-shift teaching. The mayor added that 40 new schools have been built in Tirana so far.

"Today we have a large group of colleagues who are preparing for the new school year. We will open 12 new schools in Tirana. Infrastructure helps, but it is knowledge that makes us human, that makes us European, that brings progress. Part of the two-shift schools also happens because of a mania that we inherited from our parents' generation, but today, Tirana has gone from 42 square kilometers to 1250 square kilometers; secondly, we built 40 new schools; thirdly, we have a system where teachers are no longer concentrated in a few schools, but they are distributed to every school through the portal. With the opening of 12 new schools and a dozen kindergartens and nurseries, this year we will significantly reduce the teaching with two shifts and I do not believe that there is a school in Tirana that is all with two shifts. We will have many debates about Tirana in the upcoming elections,

On the other hand, Veliaj called for an end to deliberate fires in Tirana. He said that it is senseless that there are people who set fire to a forest fund just because they want to open up land, thereby seizing state property.

"This is not to be allowed, but it is also a sin. Therefore, I am begging all the citizens - some things are really out of our hands, like the pandemic or the earthquake, but the fires that we set ourselves in the villages are criminal, not at all humane. For all these reasons, I call on you, in these days when all efforts have been focused on opening new schools and keeping under control the outbreaks of fire that appear due to high temperatures, to behave like Europeans because only behavior makes us like this", said Veliaj.

He added that for emergencies that may arise from fires, the municipality is on standby with three shifts.