Reconstruction/ Houses are distributed in Peza. After them is Kombinati's turn

Reconstruction/ Houses are distributed in Peza. After them is Kombinati's

After four new schools, a new neighborhood has been added to Peza, with 25 houses, where the families affected by the 2019 earthquake have taken shelter.

The mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, accompanied by the SP deputy in the area, Toni Gogu and the head of the "Firdeus" Foundation, Elvis Naçi, took part in the drawing of lots. The mayor said that this moment is an opportunity and a new beginning for the whole community.

"Here we have built a community because the housing act is only the beginning. The children who now go to the new schools we have built in Peza: one in Peza e Madhe, one in Peza e Vogël, in Peza Helmes, and in Pojan. But the good news is that no one has lost their property in Gjysulkonje or other remote villages. There is always the opportunity to cultivate that modest little economy. Therefore, I see the greatest value today not in what our eyes see, but in what our heart and mind see, what realities are produced when children live near new schools, near the ambulance, near the consulting room, near the main road, to connect with Tirana and Durrës. Today we really did a useful job," he said.

Veliaj assured that this year the reconstruction process will be completed in the urban area as well. "We will continue the work because we want to finally end the reconstruction process in the urban area this year. Most of the citizens have moved into the "May 5" apartments. Very soon we will also draw lots for the Kombinati flats. I'm not the type to complain, but we've had tremendous challenges, including the space where we are today, which seems like an empty land, starting with stories of expropriation, to stories of illegal construction, to stories of overlapping maps. , or the stories of the trials, sometimes within the family", he added.