New community center in Vaqarr, Veliaj: We invest both in the center and in the suburbs

New community center in Vaqarr, Veliaj: We invest both in the center and in the

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj inspected the new center for community services in Vaqarr.

"Within this decade Vaqarri will be called a neighborhood of Tirana. "Bedri Llagami" school looks the same as "Kosova" school. The administrative unit is not even compared to Administrative Units 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in Tirana, which have remained in those small and modest premises, while the services have increased. We are building ahead of the Tirana that will be and not the Tirana as it was. Therefore, I am glad that we have a building with two volumes. One volume is the Administrative Unit of Vaqarri, while the other volume is the Youth Center and the Palace of Culture. We need to enliven urban spaces with life, and life is also the administration, that is, the activities of the administration, even post-administration or extracurricular activities. So, school ends, work activity ends, there is a village celebration, there is a community celebration, there is an activity, a book is promoted, etc., said Veliaj.

The Mayor informed that the new community center will significantly increase the value of the property. "In the spring, we will officially open the center. We will prepare the entire Administrative Unit to return to Vaqarr and then it will be a challenge for the community how we will enliven it with culture, youth and art. By making it attractive, we have increased the value of all surrounding properties. I look and hear everywhere that there is development here, so it is only a matter of a few years until we call Vaqarri a new, beautiful, reconstructed, stronger and bigger neighborhood of our modern Tirana. This center will be a jewel and this administrative unit is becoming many times more enviable than some of those in old Tirana", said Veliaj.

The mayor said that spaces will be created in Tirana for two new cemeteries, in the north and south of Tirana. "The municipality has taken care of all the stations of life. Kindergartens, kindergartens and schools have become many times better. Unfortunately, the last station of life, which is the cemetery, is also inevitable. It is about creating cemeteries like those we have seen abroad. We did our best in Şarra and Tufın to increase the plots, while those cemeteries were designed for a very small town. We have 5 proposals from which we will choose two: within this mandate, Tirana will have two new cemeteries, designed with alleys, benches, etc., to be more of a park, for a moment of reflection and rest, than another station of urban chaos, which we inherited from the 90s", said Veliaj.

made in a very humane way, where there is also a point for services, whether they are religious or civil. west, a space of rest with a dignity many times greater than the one we had with the improvisation of Sharra and Tufina", he said.