We design together, Tirana brings together architects and urban planners

We design together, Tirana brings together architects and urban planners

Professional architects, urban planners and young people came together in the Design Together forum to discuss public spaces and mobility.

The forum was also greeted by the mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, who focused his speech on the transformation that the capital has undergone in the last 7-8 years, with investments such as Skënderbej Square, the Great Ring, the New Market, the New Boulevard.

"As long as we have limited agricultural space and green space in the crown of Tirana, we have two options: either to destroy the suburbs and extend as a city to Elbasan, or to Durrës, or we grow in volume, in height, to ensure that we free up as much space as possible, in a city which is destined to grow unstoppably", said Veliaj.

He said that every investment made in the city has a name and surname.

"Architects have a name. Some of them are physically here in Tirana. It does not occur to me that any of them are mobsters, persecuted or in court in their countries. Each of the companies he builds has set up a table, where the names are public, they are people who are known. If an anonymous money-laundering expert is quoted in a report talking about these constructions, that's wrong!" - declared Veliaj.

Furthermore, he clarified the need to build in Tirana. "In the years when the Municipality of Tirana was unable to grant construction permits, we saw what it produced. People would come to Tirana at any cost, but if the Municipality does not keep up with the demographics, then of course they will keep up with their ambitions, translating into illegal constructions".