The new hospital "Our Lady of the Good Council" is inaugurated in Tirana

The new hospital "Our Lady of the Good Council" is inaugurated in

The newest hospital in Albania, another excellent health service structure, "Our Lady of Good Counsel", was inaugurated today. The new and modern hospital complex, which opened its doors to the public today, includes diagnostic activities, outpatient clinics and research clinics in the service of teaching, in close cooperation with the Albanian health service and the Catholic University "Our Lady of Good Counsel".

Present at the inauguration ceremony of the new hospital located within the university campus, the mayor of Tirana Erion Veliaj said that for the capital's Municipality it has been a privilege to contribute to the newest hospital infrastructure, built from the ground up in order to provide a quality service and modern towards Albanian citizens.

"It has been important for us to help you serve and - when Sandri was telling me, "thank you very much for opening the road here, thank you for the permission, for the use", - our duty is that our service does make your job easier. That's why today I feel really honored that perhaps we have the only non-public hospital realized from the starting point as such, not as an adaptation of another building, but a building literally built as a hospital, today it has been completed. It was a special, unique job. I have also seen it during the construction site, most of the infrastructure is all underground. What you see is only the tip of the iceberg of an entire complex," said Veliaj.

The Mayor said that this has been a blessed season in the relations between the city of Tirana and the community of Catholic believers. "We have made a decision as a city, we have reflected it in the new urban plan - we will have a Saint of Mother Teresa in the hills of the Lake, where there used to be a military base. We believe that a city with a million inhabitants needs a space for reflection, for meditation, for prayer. The city must know when to pause, even when it has the opportunity to sit on its knees and reflect, even when to ask for help with many jobs and many challenges that not always human beings can solve, only with the means of them," informed Veliaj.

In the future, the new hospital will also include students from different branches of UKZKM and will also have a research center of international parameters.