The seal goes to Berisha

The seal goes to Berisha

Lulzim Basha has finally lost the seal of the DP.

The Court of Appeal has recognized Sali Berisha as the chairman of the Democratic Party.

After listening to the submissions and arguments of the parties involved in the two-year conflict, the judicial body decided that the "ownership" of the seal and logo of the DP belongs to the Reestablishment group, led by Berisha.

The panel that was examining the issue of the seal of the Democratic Party was composed of the relator Alma Ahmeti, while the members were Iliba Bezati and Elona Toro.

The Reestablishment DP was represented by Ivi Kaso, Oerd Bylykbashi and Ledina Mandia, while the Basha DP was represented by Rezart Kthupi and Indrit Sefa.