Veliaj in Baldushk and Petrelë: Gratitude to everyone who supported the Socialist Party to move Tirana forward

Veliaj in Baldushk and Petrelë: Gratitude to everyone who supported the

Following the thank you tour in all the units of Tirana, the mayor Erion Veliaj expressed his gratitude for the support given to the Socialist Party by the residents of Baldushku and Petrela.

"We can be conceited, that the result is so great that it can easily be enjoyed by anyone, but I believe that this is not the right formula. We have tried it both in Farka and Petrelë, when after the victory we humbly returned and told people that these are numbers to serve. We don't come here as 'bosses', we come as servants. We do not come proud, but we come humble, to finish these works. If we return humbly, I guarantee you that Baldushku will always give us more and more votes, always and more support, always and more support," added Veliaj.

He said that even after this victory, we should work for the next one, the 2025 elections.

"Who works the field, who works the fields, who lives in the hills and mountains, I know that it can be difficult to climb a hill or a mountain, but as soon as you climb to the top of that mountain, you see the top of the next mountain. So, really, for 2023, the peak of our political victory was the spectacular result we got here in Baldushk, but be careful, every mountain peak is also the foot of another mountain. Now that we have climbed this mountain top, we see other peaks. And the closest peak that we see, which we must climb is the peak of our victory for 2025," he further stated.