Veliaj publicly denounces the authors of the JOQ and Lolita pages by name! You put fines on businesses

Veliaj publicly denounces the authors of the JOQ and Lolita pages by name! You

JOQ and Lolita are two famous sites in the country, however anonymous in terms of authorship. But today the mayor Erion Veliaj for the first time mentioned the names of their authors, about whom he said:

You, who are company managers, know very well that you came to me and said: Should I pay that Erland Dalli from "Jeta Osh' Qef", just to make me feel comfortable? And the answer you heard from me is: "NO". As long as I don't pay the fines of Erland Dalli and "Life is Fun", you won't either, because we can't have a relationship where you pay the fines of those who spend all day with "Range" Rover" and who have never ridden a bus. Erland Dalliu is the grandson of Brahim Dalliu - should his grandfather know that in the month of Ramadan such a haram is made and his grandson fines all the buses... I also told the Kombinat line, "no, you don't have to pay" , I also told the Green Line "you don't have to pay", let them come with offers. Oh, we will do this work as I do the work of the municipality, that despite the fines we move forward, and time will prove that we are right, in the same way it is not possible to be the grandson of an honorable pilgrim, a great cleric like Brahim Dalliu, and today Erland Dalliu imposes fines on bus companies, this is not accepted , that unlike those journalists who at least come out with a name, these come out without a name. Someone else came to me yesterday about that last accident, he told me: 'Anisa e Vithkuqi of "Lolita" fined me'. I said: "No, no, let Anisa e Vithkuqi raise her two children as they all raise them, not with fines." I will not pay any fine and this time I will prove that you can make a campaign with important decisions, with fair decisions, with honest decisions without paying any fine and win. I guarantee you, we will win these battles, not only political, but also public transport battles, without paying any fines, neither Anisa Vithkuqi, nor Erland Dalliut, nor any other finer who hides behind the names that seem to be gallant and in fact are the biggest machines of fines. Of course, you should include these costs in your balance sheet. So, well the cost of oil, well the cost of stress, well the cost of someone who may be sick or someone who is fasting or even of an accident where you are not at fault at all, but also include the cost of Anisa Vithkuqi and Erland Dalliut, to afford public transport... I'm sure that both John and Kristian [GIZ experts], when they hear my words, say: "we had never heard of such a cost!", because of course in London there is no a person who fines you for the bus: "Oh, pay the tribute here or we will fall every day and if there is smoke coming out of the marmite, we will say that it is fire".