Jorida Tabaku resigns as deputy president of the DP

Jorida Tabaku resigns as deputy president of the DP

Jorida Tabaku has resigned as deputy head of the Democratic Party. Her decision came in the early hours of this morning, after the meeting that lasted 8 hours at the DP headquarters.

"Thank you for your patience and for the long wait. After an 8-hour delay, the leadership of the DP decided to move forward with the election process in the party. My request and desire was one and simple, let's not rush and give the democrats a fair, real process that honors us.

We all agreed on the fact that PD should be reorganized, but we did not find a common language on how to reorganize. I asked the leadership not to take a hasty decision, any unilateral decision will just shrink our party even more and not make it bigger. In the conditions we are in, we do not have the luxury of repeating the same mistakes!

The question we have to ask ourselves today is whether we want a party of the chairman or a chairman for our party? We must definitely open PD, we must try not to make one-sided processes, we must include everyone.

With maximum appreciation for the deputies and their contribution, the college of presidents and their contribution and all those who have stayed. I promised the members of the presidency that I will stay until the end, until we can find a solution that includes everyone in the process. Let's not rush!

After the presidency's decision to continue the election process, I asked that we find an agreement on how?! In my judgment, such unilateral actions as in the past have influenced the reduction of DP and have led to a situation like this one today. That's why I refused to vote for a decision that in my opinion damages us today because of the way it is being taken and the conditions in which it is being taken!

Considering the whole situation, I decided to withdraw from the position of DP vice-president!" said Tabaku.