Did Giorgia Meloni wear red and black on purpose?!

Did Giorgia Meloni wear red and black on purpose?!

We believe so. Meloni likes messages with clothes, plus a good chemistry has been seen between her and Prime Minister Edi Rama for a long time.

Beyond the showcase, what is expected to change in Albania's relations with Italy, the most beloved neighboring country for Albanians...

The further strengthening of relations in the economic field was a widely discussed topic at the meeting, where Italy, as a strategic partner of Albania, has a very important role in this regard through the ever-increasing presence of Italian enterprises in our country.

Also, during the meeting it was discussed about the investment opportunities that Albania offers in many potential sectors, such as energy, infrastructure, agriculture, and especially tourism, which this year marked a real record of growth, becoming one of the most attractive areas for investments.

As for the European integration of Albania, it was emphasized in the meeting that Italy will continue to strongly support the process, in all its stages, as it has been until now.