The weather takes a turn today, the rains return

The weather takes a turn today, the rains return

A change in the meteorological situation is expected for our country on Thursday.

The northern but humid air masses will initially bring clear weather with alternating cloudy to dense clouds.

Starting from noon and mainly in the afternoon and evening, the clouds will be accompanied by occasional rain with low to moderate intensity in the form of thunderstorms and short-term storms.

In mountainous reliefs above 700 meters in the east, snowfall with average intensity, while in hilly reliefs at heights of 400-500 meters, light snowfall.

The wind will blow in the northwest-southwest direction with an average speed of 1-7m/s, accompanied by a sea wave of force 1 to 2.

Temperatures are forecast:

in mountainous areas -2 to 9°C

in low areas -1 to 15°C

in coastal areas 3 to 15°C