This Saturday, cold and rainy day

This Saturday, cold and rainy day

Moist air masses detached from several deep pressure centers originating from the Iceland cyclone will cause our country to experience unstable atmospheric conditions this weekend.

The weather will be cloudy but there will be occasional intervals of clearing.

On Saturday, rainfall will be present from the first hours of the 24-hour period with low and locally average intensity. In the afternoon, in short time intervals in the northwest of the country, precipitation is predicted with medium and locally high intensity in the form of storms accompanied by electrical discharges and hail.

Snowfall in the Alps is predicted in the form of snowstorms, while on the mountain tops in the northeast and southeast of the country they will be of low intensity.

It is worth emphasizing as intense and relatively problematic the element of the wind with a direction from the south square 2-9m/s, while on the coast it reaches a speed of up to 17m/s associated with waves of force 2-5.