It will occasionally rain during the day

It will occasionally rain during the day

For today, our country will continue to be under the influence of unstable atmospheric conditions thanks to moist air masses of southwestern origin.

The weather is initially expected to be partly cloudy to dense with brief intervals of sunshine and occasional light to moderate rain in the form of squalls.

In the area of ​​the northwest and partially in the center, precipitation in the short term will be in the form of downpours and storms accompanied by local hail and electrical discharges.

Starting from the afternoon hours, the weather is predicted to be clear and alternating with medium clouds and occasionally heavy and isolated and weak rains.

The wind will blow in a southeast-southwest direction and an average speed of 3-9m/s, while along the coastline and valley areas the wind is sometimes intense and speeds up to 10-15m/s.

Temperatures are forecast:

in mountainous areas 14 to 25°C

in low areas 15 to 30°C

in coastal areas 19 to 29°C.