The weekend starts warm

The weekend starts warm

Our country, in the morning hours, will continue to be under the influence of clear and warm weather throughout the territory, but after noon, cloudiness is expected, starting in the north of the country and gradually in the entire eastern area.

It is predicted that the second part of the day will continue under the influence of clear weather and frequent clouds, where the most pronounced clouds are expected in the north-northeast extremes, risking moments with rain drops.

The same atmospheric conditions will also accompany us during the night, where cloudiness and humidity in the air will be at high levels.

Air temperatures will rise slightly both in the morning and in the afternoon, fluctuating daily values ​​from 8°C minimum value, up to 30°C maximum value expected along the low area.

The wind will blow light and moderate, with a maximum speed of over 35 km/h from the North-West direction, creating waves of 1-2 waves on the sea coasts.