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A nuclear weapon that explodes in water. Did North Korea really make it?

A nuclear weapon that explodes in water. Did North Korea really make it?

North Korea claims it yesterday tested an underwater drone capable of carrying a nuclear warhead that could create a "radioactive tsunami" - but analysts are skeptical.

A report by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said the drone, named the "Haeil Unmanned Underwater Nuclear Attack Vessel," was tested from March 21 to 23, sailing in waters off the country's east coast for more than 59 hours before it erupted on Thursday afternoon.

"The mission of the strategic underwater nuclear weapon is to secretly penetrate operational waters and create a radioactive tsunami through underwater detonation to destroy the enemy's naval attack groups and key operational ports," the KCNA report said.

The KCNA report said the weapon has been under development since 2012 and has undergone more than 50 tests in the past two years.

This week's test "verified its reliability and safety and fully confirmed its lethal strike capability," the KCNA report said.

The idea of ​​an unmanned submarine carrying nuclear weapons is not unique to North Korea.

Russia claims to have developed the Poseidon torpedo, an unmanned, submarine-launched, nuclear-powered underwater vehicle capable of carrying both conventional and nuclear munitions. Its nuclear propulsion system would give the Poseidon an almost limitless range.

But Russia has offered no evidence of a successful Poseidon test, and analysts suspect it could be years away.