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The two women killed in Kosovo within five days and the day of mourning resolves the murder in the family

The two women killed in Kosovo within five days and the day of mourning resolves

A woman was killed today in Peja by her husband and this is the second case in five days in Kosovo. This morning, Gjyljeta Ukella, mother of three children, was shot twice in the head by her husband Edmond Lajçi. They were at home, while it is not yet known where the 3 children were and what was the motive of the incident. Gjyljeta Ukella worked for two decades as an assistant in dentistry. According to colleagues, she was a very hardworking and wise woman. Another serious event happened in Ferizaj five days ago, when Valon Aliu killed his ex-wife Erona Cokli, the cause was custody of the child.

President Vjosa Osmani has declared Wednesday, April 17, a day of mourning.

"Tomorrow will be a national day of mourning in Kosovo, but our society will be in mourning every day as long as there are murders of our women and girls!" wrote Osmani on the Facebook social network.

But it solves the day of mourning, the tragedy of murders of women in the family.

Since 2010, 57 women have been killed in Kosovo, according to the data of the Kosovo Police.

We also remember the serious event that happened in December in Pristina, where Naim Murseli paid hitmen to execute his wife, Liridona Ademaj, mother of two children. He admitted the crime and told the court that he staged the carjacking to kill his wife.

The Minister of Justice in Kosovo, Albulena Haxhiu, said today that she has called a meeting with the Minister of Internal Affairs, the Chief Prosecutor and the Director of the Kosovo Police to address the issue of killing women.