Albin Kurti: We suspended the license plates, to give space to the Franco-German plan

Albin Kurti: We suspended the license plates, to give space to the Franco-German

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, in an interpellation called to the Assembly on the issue of dialogue with Serbia, has stated that by postponing the license plate deadline, he has given more breathing space to the process while he is already waiting for the official Brussels to implement the final agreement an hour ago . Kurti has shown before the legislators the course of discussions until what was considered by a part of the local opposition as his withdrawal from the official deadline set for license plates.

"The text presented by Mr. Borrell as a draft statement that was supposed to be issued at the end of the meeting, had two paragraphs that called for an urgent focus on the normalization of relations. A deadline was set for March 2023. In principle, we agreed to this invitation and booked our tickets to Brussels. Within the discussions there, we have always emphasized the EU's proposal for an agreement, not a process dialogue or a small problem. We agreed to suspend further actions, such as fines, if Serbia suspended issuing license plates. We were right next to him, to reach a joint statement. I repeat that Monday's meeting was not successful, as the EU only focused on actions related to license plates. In my judgment, Wednesday's agreement was not possible without Monday's developments. The European proposal was abandoned precisely by the mediators. Now we are in a different situation. We have suspended actions to give space to the Franco-German plan. Now it is up to the sponsors of this plan, for a deadline as soon as possible for the normalization of relations," was the explanation of Albin Kurti in the Assembly.