Horoscope for April 9 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for April 9 by Russell Grant


You sense that things are changing in a partnership. Shared responsibilities must be reviewed. If you take some time to sit down and talk about everything, including any difficulties you may be having, you can gain emotional and financial support.


You need to rethink your relationships with some suspicious people. Now that you are aware of fraudulent practices that have occurred in the workplace or in your local community, you need to take a step back and think about it seriously.


Be extra careful in business and finances. Someone can sell something that doesn't exist. You like to think the best of people, so you can be moved by a story.

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There is more to life than work and responsibility. When was the last chance you had to appreciate the precious moments that cost nothing but time? If a colleague or relative is making your life difficult, seek advice from someone you can trust.


After a long day of open-hearted conversations, when everyone will be given an opportunity to express their views, important decisions will be made. You may suddenly find yourself stepping into the spotlight and running the show.


Your quest for perfection is admirable, but are you pushing yourself too hard? You may have an abundance of energy right now, but it won't last forever. Be accountable to yourself and start reducing your responsibilities.


You are disappointed by the behavior of a friend or partner. They've let you down badly and no matter how many times they tell you they're sorry, you'll feel like you can't trust them anymore. You just can't see a way to restore trust in this relationship.


An old colleague asks for facts and information. You may not understand why you need to share non-work related information. However, it would make your life easier if you answered the questions they are asking. You don't have to tell them everything.


Long meetings will lead to agreements that should resolve an issue that has caused you and other people a lot of trouble. This conflict has caused tension in the workplace. Now that it's over, give the relationship time to heal. This will happen faster if you are all willing to let go of the past.


You may have to let others take risks while you take care yourself. A leader's energy and enthusiasm will inspire other team members, but you suspect some risks they are taking.


You admire the positive and inspiring influence of someone you are working with today. You will feel good to be given this chance to build relationships based on mutual interests.


There are ways to improve your finances although none of them will be easy. Purchases should be limited to practical items. If you're in debt and want to do something about it, a generous relative may offer to give you a loan to avoid penalty fees or rising interest rates.