Horoscope for April 7 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for April 7 by Russell Grant


Once you have completed a legal case, you will be able to move on to better opportunities. It can be frustrating to wait for some issues to be resolved. For now all you can do is be patient. A few quick exercises can help relieve anxiety.


You don't often feel so sociable, but it's mingling with family and friends that cultivates the satisfaction you crave. Jokes will be exchanged, movies will be watched and snacks will be shared. You have never valued your friendships as much as you do today.


You are seriously thinking about a career change. Just make sure you look before you act. Find another job, for example, before you leave your current position. When a new opportunity presents itself, evaluate it against your current liabilities.

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New events create dilemmas about how to deal with business issues. Time spent sorting out your affairs will not be time wasted. You may also consider resolving an ongoing dispute regarding joint finances.


You can get through a difficult situation with a minimum of fuss and upset if you try to be patient and kind. A rival in business or romance will try to provoke you. Although you will be tempted to speak your mind, respond with a polite smile.


A close relationship takes on a new meaning as you both agree on joint long-term plans. You are doing your best to take a reasonable approach to new opportunities. Encourage a partner to be equally careful when thinking about the financial implications.


If you are looking for a new line of work or wondering if there is an opportunity to improve yourself in your existing field, the fact that you are considering making changes suggests that you have an inner need to improve your life.


Dealing with a situation that conflicts with your beliefs will cause you stress and tension. You may need to change the way you deal with a family or work situation to be true to yourself. Don't worry about what other people think about your decisions. They cannot live your life for you.


A relative or neighbor will welcome your help with a task that is difficult for them. You get restless very easily and going out to find stimulating company and challenging activities will be the quickest way to escape boredom. Indulge your sensual side with nature walks or a shopping trip.


It doesn't matter what others expect, you should be free to do your own thing. Don't feel guilty about changing your mind and wanting to do something different. Be brave. Put aside the expectations of others and let your spirit soar.


You had doubts about your ability to succeed. You wonder if you are doing the right thing. Just keep reminding yourself that no matter how slow the progress, you've made some good decisions and you're headed in the right direction.


You won't let the fact that some people expect you to fail stop you from taking on a daunting challenge. If you're constantly on the defensive, your insecurities will start to surface. Do your best to relax. People need to understand that their negative words and actions do not affect you.