Horoscope for April 6 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for April 6 by Russell Grant


Maybe you didn't expect to have to wait for unexpected visitors arriving at your door. This will be a pleasant surprise. You'll be happy to ditch previous plans to enjoy a day of laughter and inspiring conversation. Other things can wait.


In a family dispute, not being able to see each other's points of view is not helping you resolve the issue. Accusing someone of being stubborn when you act the same way will make them rightfully angry. Be polite and it will be possible to reach a compromise.


If you are considering leaving your job, consider why you want to leave? Would it be possible to change the situation to make it less stressful for you? Although you may be tempted to make an impulsive move, try not to be reckless.

The crab

It may seem like complex matters are not going your way, but don't give up now. Let people see that you're not a quitter. There is someone working in the background on your behalf and very soon they will have good news to share with you.


You have accepted a certain situation, or set of circumstances. An online chat will make you think about your attitude or expectations. Now you will realize that there are other views to consider. This is a good time to think about it.


New opportunities are ahead and this could mean big changes to come. You may not feel prepared for this. You'll want to think carefully about your next step and talk to the people in your life whose opinions matter.


You will quickly correct any problems that arise. An important message or email will require a quick response. Someone is waiting for you to accompany him. Don't delay the answer too much.


Be patient with a partner who is going through a difficult time. Bite your lip if they keep talking about the same topic. Why not suggest something you can do together to distract them and take their mind off their problems?


It's best to keep your thoughts to yourself if things get a little out of hand during a group outing or family outing. If you say something, you wish you'd kept your mouth shut when everyone seems to turn on you. A close friend will give some wise advice.


If you want to keep the peace in a group setting, avoid topics that can cause arguments and conflicts. You know from past experience what these might be. If an elderly relative refuses to discuss a health problem or medical issue, agree to leave it for another day. Your goal will be to keep the atmosphere upbeat.


Before you act on new deals, make sure you have plans in place in case something goes wrong. A partner may prefer to do what they like at the moment, but you can see the point of considering the next steps more carefully. This more cautious approach will pay off.


When you meet up with friends you will have only one goal in mind and that is to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Are you single? You will not say no to meeting someone who is in tune with your thoughts, beliefs and ideas. If a romantic connection is formed, it may not be long before the wedding bells ring.