Horoscope for April 5 by Russell Grant

Horoscope for April 5 by Russell Grant


People are impressed by your willingness to experiment and adapt to changing circumstances. You will be quick to seize a rare chance to learn or experience something new. You are opening a whole new path and this is an opportunity that you can never dismiss as insignificant.


Everyone on a team has different views, ideas and suggestions. Nothing of any importance is likely to be achieved. This project now seems to involve many people. Some people's impatience to know everything makes you want to keep it to yourself.


Being determined does not bring you any satisfaction. You have an important decision to make. Doing nothing and keeping everything as it is is a choice, although perhaps not the best. Moving forward is a possibility, but only if you are prepared to take the first step.

The crab

It is difficult to make everything work as well as you would like. Friends await your company, but you have to attend elsewhere. In the workplace everything seems to be going wrong and it seems like you are taking two steps back for every step forward.


Active participation is necessary for you to shape your professional path. If you do nothing, others will make decisions for you. Set clear goals. If the thought of change is making you nervous, put your fear aside. Replace doubt with hope. The right opportunity may be waiting around the next corner.


Are you ready for new beginnings? A decision will have to be made very soon. An unexpected offer will be your chance to cut ties with a relationship that no longer serves you. Choose the path that will separate you from a difficult situation. This is likely to yield the most favorable outcome.


You or a partner want to have more say about a particular aspect of your relationship. Whether emotionally or professionally based, this is a testing time for close relationships. Patience and tolerance are the keys to achieving peace and harmony.


Someone you care about has high expectations and you are not sure if you or anyone else will be able to fulfill their unrealistic dreams. You will do everything you can to keep this person happy, but his impatience is bothering you. You should start thinking about doing something for yourself.


Everything is working as you want. There is a sense of dread in the way certain events are unfolding. The consequences of a test, interview, audition or application will exceed your expectations. A new project is more successful than anyone expected. This is worth celebrating.


You and a friend or partner have some issues that need to be discussed. Once you've worked through these, you'll come out of a situation with a clearer idea of ​​where you're going. This in itself will bring a sense of achievement.


You may feel like nothing is going right, but a lot of this may be in your imagination. Whenever you start to feel frustrated, remind yourself of all your recent accomplishments. You've had more successes than failures lately.


From receiving or offering a cash gift to needing to raise money for a group concern, you're taking a hands-on approach to finances. You've seen a series of ups and downs on the financial scale and want to do everything you can to create long-term financial security.